General Policies:

  • You understand and agree that Device Medics, LLC agrees to repair only the device selected in the repair order. Additionally, you understand that your device may not be repairable due to variables beyond our control. We will notify you if your device is unrepairable. Please see Return/Refunds for additional information.
  • It is your responsibility to back-up any data, software, information or other files on your device prior to sending it to Device Medics, LLC.
  • You agree that Device Medics, LLC shall not be responsible for any loss or corruption of any data and/or software on your device.
  • You understand and agree that you will need to provide Device Medics, LLC with any user lock codes, or gesture lock codes that may prevent us from properly testing your device. We will not distribute this information. Please see our privacy policy.
  • You understand that certain repairs may require significant heat during the repair process. You understand that heat may risk damage to compromised or marginal circuit boards and components.
  • Liquid damage repair services do not guarantee the future function of the device. Under certain circumstances corrosion may be progressive and/or irreversible. Treatment may cause these devices to no longer power up. The sooner we receive the liquid damaged device, the better the chances of a successful repair.
  • Repairs are warranted for 30 days. This covers the parts and labor for the specific repair completed. New damage or unrelated malfunctions are not covered by this warranty. Liquid damage repairs are not covered under this warranty.
  • Please notify Device Medics, LLC if your device has been rooted, jail broken, hacked, unlocked, or modified in any way.
  • Please notify the technician if your device has come into contact with any hazardous chemicals or substances (such as biological waste, toxic chemicals, etc...).
  • Unclaimed devices left with Device Medics, LLC for a period of 30 days will be considered abandoned, and will become the property of Device Medics, LLC.


  • Non-repairable devices will be returned as-is and the original repair charge will be refunded minus a $15 diagnostic/shipping fee.
  • No refunds or cancellations once repairs have been started.
  • No refunds on special order items.

Mail-in Customers:

  • It is your responsibility to package your device for shipment to Device Medics, LLC in such a manner as to protect the device from damage or loss. Device Medics, LLC assumes no liability for the device until it is received by us.
  • We strongly encourage you to insure your package during shipment. Device Medics, LLC will not be liable for equipment lost or damaged during shipping.
  • Please do not send accessories or adapters that are not directly related to the repair. Please mark all included parts/accessories on the equipment repair form.

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