Frequently Asked Questions about Cell phone and Device Repair

Q: Why should I have my device repaired vs. purchasing new?
A: The average retail price for a smart phone is $500 to $700. This is the price you would pay if you were to purchase a replacement phone while still under contract with your carrier. Most of our repair services are less than žth the cost of purchasing a new phone.

Q: What if I have insurance through my carrier?
A: Insurance premiums and deductibles have been steadily increasing with the cost and complexity of smart phones. In most cases we can repair your device for a fraction of the cost of insurance. Additionally, replacement phones provided by the insurance companies are often refurbished or may be lesser models than your original phone.

Q: What about the manufacturer warranty? Won't the manufacturer fix my phone?
A: The two most common causes of malfunction to an electronic device are Liquid Damage and Physical Damage. Neither of these are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Q: How long will the repair take?
A: For our mail-in customers with common repairs the typical repair time is two business days plus shipping time. Subject to parts in stock.

Q: How much does a repair cost?
A: Because of the broad range of devices and parts we do not currently publish a price list. However, you may request an estimate HERE

Q: Do you modify, unlock, 'jailbreak', or 'root' phones?
A: Not at this time. Unlocking, jailbreaking, and rooting a phone may potentially cause unforeseen performance issues, and dramatically increases the possibility of "bricking" -or irreversibly damaging- your device. We do not recommend or provide these services to consumers at this time.

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